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Welcome to Guitar Show & Custom Luthier Magazine!
There are many guitar magazines in print today and most of them can be grouped into three main categories.

Magazines that...
1. Are about people that play guitars
2. Teach people to play the guitar
3. Are for people that collect guitars

Guitar Show & Custom Luthier Magazine caters primarily to guitar show enthusiasts, custom luthiers and smaller independent music stores. 
Our aim is to help the custom guitar luthier, boutique amplifier and other musical instrument-building & selling professionals promote their name, brand, products and services to a wider audience.

If you are a guitar show organizer, luthier, collector, small music-related business owner or just a lover of all things guitar, you can help by contributing articles, interviews, Q&A discussions, history lessons and product reviews. Let's work together and get this SHOW on the road!

Duane M. Evarts, Editor

Guitar Show & Custom Luthier Magazine is published bi-annually and distributed at guitar shows, festivals & expos; by direct mail, better music stores & other music-related businesses and of course, online. We welcome, but assume no responsibility for loss or damage to any and all unsolicited articles, photographs or art.

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