Guitar Show & Custom Luthier Magazine
A paradigm shift in reaching your target audience!

If you're an independent, custom-build luthier you simply can't be at every regional guitar show in the country. Let Guitar Show & Custom Luthier Magazine help get your name, brand, product or service into the hands of people that are already searching for something you won't find at a Big Box Store; something different, something special, something... "that only a custom-build luthier could create."

Guitar Show & Custom Luthier Magazine is distributed FREE at an increasing number of guitar shows & related events throughout the nation.  Each issue inspires musicians to pursue the instrument of their dreams and encourages them to make that dream their reality. We can help you reach a broad community of musicians and collectors by promoting your business across a variety of platforms: print and digital subscriptions; e-mail news updates, social media shout outs, and of course right here on this website.

Other guitar magazine ad campaigns are just too expensive for most independent custom-build luthiers, boutique amp & pedal builders and smaller family-owned music stores. Our distribution model reaches a number of prospects that are just as likely to be looking for that hand-made guitar, boutique amplifier or pedal effect! By publishing only twice a year, the longevity of your ad campaign is increased six-fold and the annualized cost is decreased - dramatically!

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For PROFSSIONAL LUTHIERS ONLY - You can be listed in both the online and print editions of our Professional Luthier Directory for just $15.00/year. That's probably less than you paid for your last batch of business cards and includes an annual subscription to the magazine!

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Guitar Show & Custom Luthier Magazine
display ads now start at less than three cents per copy.

ads are less than seven cents!

Where else can you promote you name, brand, product or service to thousands of guitar enthusiasts for less?

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